Generic Extractor (under construction)

Generic Extractor is a KBC component which acts like a customizable HTTP REST client. This means that it can be configured to extract data from virtually any sane API. Due to versatility of different APIs running in the wild, Generic Extractor offers a vast amount of configuration options. This may make it look somewhat abstract and hard to understand at first sight, but once you configure your first extractor, you’ll see that is a great tool. With generic extractor you can build an entirely new extractor for KBC in less than an hour. To get started quickly, you can follow the tutorial.

Generic Extractor requirements

Using generic extractor you can extract data from some REST API into KBC only by configuring it. Generic extractor requires no programming skills, you only need to know how to write JSON. Also you should have the documentation of your chosen API at hand and that API should be RESTful. That means that the API should have API endpoints representing resources and subresources and that the API reponds to HTTP GET requests - it does not send any PUT/POST/DELETE requests - which means that the API must not: - modify data on GET - require a PUT/POST/DELETE to obtain data

Also the API response must be either a CSV data or JSON data.

Registering Generic Extractor

A configuration of Generic Extractor can be registered as a new standalone component. For the registration we require a working (one or more) configurations. The working configurations can be converted to templates, so the new extractor may serve multiple API endpoints withing a single component. TODO prikld.

It is not required to registrer your generic extractor configuration as a new component, but there are some advantages. When your configuration is registered, it may be used in multiple projects easily and it may be converted to templates.
A great advantage of using templates is that they are not limiting the use at all, since you may still switch to JSON freeform configuration when necessary TODO obrazek. To be able to use templates, your GE configuration must be registered.

Generic Extractor Source

As with any other KBC components, Generic Extractor source is available on github. Apart from the main repository, it uses some vital librariries (which partially define its capabilities):

  • juicer - a component reponsible for processing HTTP JSON responses
  • csvmap - a library which converts JSON data into CSV tables
  • phpfilter - a library which allows to match values together
  • jsonparser - a JSON parser which produces CSV tables while maintaining relations

Generic extractor also allows to use some customized modules todo. However these must be activated in the extractor code and cannot activated only by configuration.



Generic extractor allows exporting data from REST APIs not implemented in Keboola Connection or creating custom configurations to export any data from any REST API.


The configuration consists of 2 main parts:

  • api
    • Defines the basic API characteristics, such as pagination, authentication, base URL etc
    • Documentation
  • config
    • This part defines the configuration itself - resources from the API, authentication credentials, …
    • Each resource is a “job” within the extractor, and can contain children for recursive API calls (eg tickets > comments for each ticket)
    • Documentation