File Download

Download a file from Storage.

kbc remote file download [id] [flags]


-H, --storage-api-host <string>
Keboola instance URL, e.g.,
-o, --output <string>
Path and/or name of the destination file (if the file is not sliced) or directory (if the file is sliced). If -, output goes to stdout without any extra text, so the command is pipeable.
Allow sliced files to appear sliced locally. (default false)

By default, sliced files are stitched together to form a single file. If this flag is set when downloading a sliced file, the resulting file will instead be stored as a directory, and each slice will be stored as a separate file in that directory.

Global Options


➜ $ kbc remote file download 1234567 -o name
File "1234567" downloaded to "name.csv".

If you don’t specify the file ID, the command will let you select a file by name.

➜ $ kbc remote file download
? File: <selection prompt>
? Enter a name for the destination: 

File "1234567" downloaded to "name.csv"

If you specify - as output, the file will be printed to standard output.

➜ kbc remote file download 1234567 -o -

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