Generate Profile Command

Generates a profile file in the dbt project directory.

kbc dbt generate profile [flags]

The command must be run in a directory with a dbt project (i.e., containing dbt_project.yml) or its subdirectory.

The command creates a profiles.yml file if it does not exist yet and prepares outputs for the selected target.

See the introduction to dbt support for more information.


-T, --target-name <string>
Target name of the profile

Global Options


➜ kbc dbt generate profile -T target1

Profile stored in "profiles.yml".

The generated profiles.yml:

    target: target1
            account: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_ACCOUNT") }}'
            database: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_DATABASE") }}'
            password: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_PASSWORD") }}'
            schema: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_SCHEMA") }}'
            type: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_TYPE") }}'
            user: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_USER") }}'
            warehouse: '{{ env_var("DBT_KBC_TARGET1_WAREHOUSE") }}'
send_anonymous_usage_stats: false

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