Table Download

Download data from a table.

kbc remote table download [table] [flags]
Path and/or name of the source file. If -, input is expected from standard input, so the command is pipeable.
ID of the destination table.


-H, --storage-api-host <string>
Keboola instance URL, e.g.,
-o, --output <string>
Path and/or name of the destination file (if the file is not sliced) or directory (if the file is sliced). If -, output goes to stdout without any extra text, so the command is pipeable.
--changed-since <string>
Only export rows imported after this date.

Date may be written in any format compatible with strtotime.

--changed-until <string>
Only export rows imported before this date.

Date may be written in any format compatible with strtotime.

--columns <string>
Comma-separated list of columns to export.
--format <string>
Output format. Supported formats are json and csv.

The json format is only supported in projects with the Snowflake backend.

--limit <int>
Limit the number of exported rows. A value of 0 means no limit. (default 0)
--order <string>
Order the data by one or more columns.

Accepts a comma-separated list of column+order pairs, such as First_Name,Last_Name=desc. If the order for a column is not specified, it defaults to ascending, such as First_Name in the example above.

--where <string>
Filter the data.

Accepts a semicolon-separated list of expressions, each of which specifies a column and a comparison to one or more values, such as First_Name=Ivan,Pavel;Birth_Date>=1990-01-01

Allow sliced files to appear sliced locally. (default false)

By default, sliced files are stitched together to form a single file. If this flag is set when downloading a sliced file, the resulting file will instead be stored as a directory, and each slice will be stored as a separate file in that directory.

Global Options


Download 2000 rows from a table:

➜ kbc remote table download in.c-gdrive.account -o account.csv --limit 2000
Unloading table, please wait.
Table "in.c-gdrive.account" unloaded to file "734370450".
File "734370450" downloaded to "account.csv".

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