GitHub Integration

The tool can generate workflows for GitHub Actions within commands init and workflows.

Secret KBC_STORAGE_API_TOKEN with your master token needs to be added to the GitHub secrets.

Screenshot -- GitHub Actions


The Pull workflow is set to run automatically every five minutes to pull the changes from the project in Keboola. If it finds any changes, it creates a commit to the repository.

Note: GitHub does not guarantee periodic running at exact times. The triggers may be delayed a few minutes depending on the current GitHub Actions workload.

Screenshot -- A commit by Pull action

The commit contains description of the change:

Screenshot -- A change description by Pull action


The Push workflow is triggered by a push to the GitHub repository to push the changes from the local directory to the project in Keboola.


The Validate workflow is triggered by a push to a branch in the GitHub repository to validate and preview its changes by a push –dry-run.