Table Import

Import data to a table from a Storage file.

kbc remote table import [table] [file] [flags]


-H, --storage-api-host <string>
Keboola instance URL, e.g.,
--columns <string>
Comma-separated list of column names. If present, the first row in the CSV file is not treated as a header.
--incremental-load <bool>
Data are either added to existing data in the table or replace the existing data.
--file-delimiter <string>
Delimiter of the CSV file. Default is ,.
--file-enclosure <string>
Enclosure of the CSV file. Default is ".
--file-escaped-by <string>
Escape character of the CSV file. By default, no escaping is used. (Note: You can specify either the enclosure or escapedBy parameter, but not both.)
States if the CSV file contains headers on the first row or not.

Global Options


Preview a table in the terminal:

➜ $ cat my.csv | kbc remote table import in.c-main.products 1234567
File with id "1234567" imported to table "in.c-main.products"
➜ kbc remote table import
? Table: <selection prompt>
? File: <selection prompt>

File with id "1234567" imported to table "in.c-main.products"

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