R Client Library

The R client library is a Storage API client which you can use in your R code. The current implementation supports all basic data manipulations:

  • Importing data
  • Exporting data
  • Creating and deleting buckets and tables

The client source code is available in our Github repository.


This library is available on Github, so we recommend that you use the devtools package to install it.

# first install the devtools package if it isn't already installed


# install dependencies (another github package for aws requests)


# install the SAPI R client package


# load the library (dependencies will be loaded automatically)



To list available commands, run


Important: If you are running the code in R Studio, it might require a restart so that its help index is updated and the above command works.

The client is implemented as an RC class. To work with it, create an instance of the client. The only required argument to create it is a valid Storage API token.

client <- SapiClient$new(
    token = 'your-token'

Example — Create a Table and Import Data

To create a new table in Storage, use the saveTable function. Provide the name of an existing bucket, the name of the new table and a CSV file with the table’s contents.

To create the new-table table in the in.c-main bucket, use

myDataFrame <- data.frame(id = c(1,2,3,4), secondCol = c('a', 'b', 'c', 'd'))
client <- SapiClient$new(
    token = 'your-token'

table <- client$saveTable(
    df = myDataFrame,
    bucket = "in.c-main",
    tableName = "new-table",
    options = list(primaryKey = 'id')

The above command will import the contents of the myDataFrame variable into the newly created table. It will also mark the id column as the primary key.

Example — Export Data

If you want to export a table from Storage and import it into R, use the importTable function. Provide the ID (bucketName.tableName) of an existing table.

To export data from the old-table table in the in.c-main bucket, use

client <- SapiClient$new(
  token = 'your-token'

data <- client$importTable('in.c-main.old-table')

The above command will export the table from Storage and save it in the data variable. The output is a data.table object compatible with a data.frame.

Other Examples

# create a client

client <- SapiClient$new(
    token = 'your-token'

# verify the token

tokenDetails <- client$verifyToken()

# create a bucket

bucket <- client$createBucket("new_bucket", "in", "A brand new Bucket!")

# list buckets

buckets <- client$listBuckets()

# list all tables

tables <- client$listTables()

# list all tables in a bucket

tables <- client$listTables(bucket = bucket$id)

# delete a table


# delete a bucket