Storage API Importer

The whole process of importing a table into Storage can be simplified with the Storage API Importer Service. The Storage API Importer allows you to make an HTTP POST request and import a file directly into an existing Storage table.

The HTTP request must contain the tableId and data form fields. The specified table must already exist in Storage. Therefore to upload the my-table.csv CSV file (and replace the contents) into the my-table table in the in.c-main bucket, call:

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "" --form "data=@my-table.csv" ""

Using the Storage API Importer is the easiest way to upload data into Storage (except for using one of the API clients). However, the disadvantage is that the whole data file has to be posted in a single HTTP request. The maximum limit for a file size is 2GB and the transfer time is 45 minutes. This means that for substantially large files (usually more than hundreds of MB) you may experience timeouts. If that happens, use the above outlined approach and upload the files directly to S3.


  • tableId (required) Storage Table ID, example: in.c-main.users
  • data (required) Uploaded CSV file. Raw file or compressed by gzip
  • delimiter (optional) Field delimiter used in a CSV file. The default value is ‘ , ‘. Use ‘\t’ or type the tab char for tabulator.
  • enclosure (optional) Field enclosure used in a CSV file. The default value is ‘”’.
  • escapedBy (optional) CSV escape character; empty by default.
  • incremental (optional) If incremental is set to 0 (its default), the target table is truncated before each import.

Full list of avaialable parameters is available in the API documentation.


To load data incrementally (append new data to existing contents):

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "incremental=1" --form "" --form "data=@my-table.csv" ""

To load data with a non-default delimiter (tabulator) and enclosure (empty):

curl --request POST --header "X-StorageApi-Token:storage-token" --form "delimiter=\t" --form "enclosure=" --form "" --form "data=@my-table.csv" ""