Persist Command

Detect new directories with a configuration or a configuration row in the local directory.

kbc local persist [flags]

Or shorter:

kbc p [flags]

Propagate changes in the local directory to the manifest. When you manually create a configuration or a row (e.g., by copy & paste of another existing configuration), the command will add its record to the manifest and generate a new ID. When you delete a configuration/row directory, the command will remove its record from the manifest. If you want to propagate the changes to the project, call the push command afterwards.


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Global Options


When you copy & paste a directory of a MySQL extractor configuration, the command will look like this:

➜ kbc persist --dry-run
Plan for "persist" operation:
  + C main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/invoices 2
  + R main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/invoices 2/rows/customer
Dry run, nothing changed.
Persist done.

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