This checklist is used for the last check of the component before sending the publish request. See Publish Component tutorial for details.

Developer Portal

  • The component name doesn’t contain words like extractor, application, and writer.
  • The component icon is representative and has reasonable quality. It is in PNG format and without background.
  • The short description describes the service, NOT This extractor extracts ....
  • Licensing information is valid, and the vendor description is current.
  • License and documentation URLs are publicly accessible, no link to a private repository.
  • The tag is set to the expected value and uses semantic versioning.
  • The correct data flow is set in UI options.

Component Configuration

  • Sensitive values use encryption.
  • Configuration and Row schema
    • Titles are short and without a colon, period, etc.
    • Required properties are listed in the field required.
    • Each property has defined propertyOrder.
    • Properties have an explanatory description if they are not trivial.
  • Configuration description (if used)
    • Contains only level 3 ### and level 4 #### headers.
    • Doesn’t repeat what is obvious from Configuration and Row schema.

Component Internals

  • Job exits with an understandable UserError if:
    • Empty configuration.
    • Invalid credentials.
    • Wrong data type used (e.g., string instead of array).
    • Missing required property.
    • Random/invalid data typed to the configuration properties.
    • External server/service is down.
    • An expected error occurs (e.g., not found, too many requests, …).
  • Internal messages (e.g., stack trace) with no meaning for the user are not logged.

Publication Request

  • A link to the pull request with changes in the documentation is included (if any).