Automation/Common Tasks


Use the Keboola Orchestrator component to specify what tasks should be executed in what order and configure their automatic execution (specified intervals, specified times of the day, etc.).

The set of Keboola APIs provides full automation of the data warehouse cycle. The end-to-end serverless solution automatically enables you to connect data sources, automatically store data in the correct format, check for format inconsistencies, and choose different metadata providers based on the operation you wish to perform on the data. The platform scales the needed resources automatically across various types of data (structured, semi-structured, and non-structured) and processes.

The whole environment tracks all the operational metadata and can be accessed without needing a server via APIs. This is useful when automating development, testing and production run of data jobs with automatic controls of pipelines.

As Storage API is part of the wider Keboola platform, it is an essential element in providing coherent data fabric across clouds, users, services, and on premise.


No matter whether you use Jenkins, CircleCI, AWS CodeBuilder, or Azure DevOps, you can utilise the Keboola API within your existing CI/CD pipeline to deploy and manage new versions of your data pipeline and data process automation tasks.


You can learn about how to set up our Orchestrator on