Use Template

Use a template in the local directory.

kbc local template use <repository>/<template>/<version> [flags]

Applies the template to the project directory. Changes are made only locally. To save changes to the project, run kbc sync push afterwards. You will be prompted for a target branch and user inputs.


-b, --branch string <string>
target branch ID or name
-f, --inputs-file <string>
JSON file with inputs values

Global Options


See Use Template Tutorial.

➜ kbc local template use my-repository/my-template/v0

? Select target branch:  [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Main (251721)

? MySQL Host:

? MySQL Port: 3306

Plan for "encrypt" operation:
  C main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/my-data-source
Encrypt done.
New objects from "my-repository/my-template/v0" template:
  + C main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/my-data-source
  + R main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/my-data-source/rows/table1
  + R main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/my-data-source/rows/table2
  + C main/transformation/keboola.snowflake-transformation/my-transformation
Template "my-repository/my-template/v0" has been applied.

Next Steps