Create Configuration

Create an empty configuration.

kbc local create config [flags]

Or shorter:

kbc create config [flags]
kbc c config [flags]

Create an empty configuration in your local directory and assign it a unique ID (i.e., the persist command is called automatically). To save it to the project, run the kbc sync push command afterwards. You will be prompted for a name, a branch, and a component ID.

Some components have a default content that will be used (if specified by the component author). For others, config.json will only contain an empty JSON document {}.

Tip: You can create a new configuration by copying an existing one and running the persist command.


-b, --branch string <string>
Id or name of the branch
-c, --component-id <string>
Id of the component
-n, --name <string>
Name of the new configuration

Global Options


➜ kbc create config

? Enter a name for the new config invoices

? Select the target branch Main (4908)

? Select the target component MySQL extractor (keboola.ex-db-mysql)
Created new config "main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/invoices"
➜ kbc create config -n invoices -b main -c keboola.ex-db-mysql
Created new config "main/extractor/keboola.ex-db-mysql/invoices"

Next Steps