Storage API

If you are new to Keboola, you should make yourself familiar with the Storage component before you start using it. For a general introduction to working with Keboola APIs, see the API Introduction. Storage API provides a number of functions. These are the most important ones:

Virtually, all API calls require a Storage API token to be passed as the X-StorageApi-Token header. Please note that the Storage API calls require the request to be sent as form-data (unlike the rest of Keboola API, which is sent as application/json).

For exporting tables from and importing tables to Storage, we highly recommend that you use one of the available clients or the Storage API Importer service. All imports and exports are done using CSV files. See the RFC4180 Specification for the format and encoding specification, and User documentation for help on how to create such files.

Continue reading the following sections for guidance on how to get started: