Init Command

Initialize a new local directory and run the first pull.

kbc sync init [flags]

Or shorter:

kbc init [flags]
kbc i [flags]

The command must be run in an empty directory.

If the command is run without options, it will start an interactive dialog asking for:

It will allow you to create GitHub Actions workflows in the directory.


Allow usage of KBC_PROJECT_ID and KBC_BRANCH_ID environment variables for future operations.
Sets true to the allowTargetEnv field in the manifest.json.
-b, --allowed-branches <string>
Comma-separated list of branch IDs or name globs (use “*” for all) for branches you want to work with locally (default “main”); other branches in the project will be ignored.
--ci-main-branch <string>
Name of the main branch for push/pull workflows (default “main”)
--ci-pull <bool>
Create a workflow to sync the main branch from the project every 5 minutes (default true)
--ci-push <bool>
Create a workflow to push changes in the main branch to the project (default true)
--ci-validate <bool>
Create a workflow to validate all branches on change (default true)
-H, --storage-api-host <string>
Keboola instance URL, e.g., “”

Global Options


➜ kbc init

Please enter the Keboola Storage API host, e.g., "".
? API host

Please enter the Keboola Storage API token. Its value will be hidden.
? API token ***************************************************

Please select which project's branches you want to use with this CLI.
The other branches will still exist, but they will be invisible in the CLI.
? Allowed project's branches: only main branch

Created metadata directory ".keboola".
Created manifest file ".keboola/manifest.json".
Created file ".env.local" - it contains the API token, keep it local and secret.
Created file ".env.dist" - an ".env.local" template.
Created file ".gitignore" - to keep ".env.local" local.

? Generate workflows files for GitHub Actions? No

Init done. Running pull.
Plan for "pull" operation:
+ B main
+ C main/extractor/ex-generic-v2/empty
+ C main/extractor/keboola.ex-aws-s3/my-aws-s-3-data-source
+ R main/extractor/keboola.ex-aws-s3/my-aws-s-3-data-source/rows/share-cities
+ C main/extractor/keboola.ex-google-drive/my-google-drive-data-source
+ C main/extractor/keboola.ex-google-drive/my-google-drive-data-source/schedules/scheduler-for-7243915
+ C main/other/keboola.orchestrator/daily
+ C main/other/keboola.orchestrator/daily/schedules/scheduler-for-7243915
+ C main/other/keboola.sandboxes/address
+ C main/transformation/keboola.snowflake-transformation/address
+ C main/transformation/keboola.snowflake-transformation/address/variables
+ R main/transformation/keboola.snowflake-transformation/address/variables/values/default
Pull done.

Next Steps