Submission Checklist

# Name Note Example
0 Vendor ID Prefixes application id. keboola
1 Application name Do not use the word extractor or writer in your app. iTunes
2 Application type One of extractor, writer, application extractor
3 Short description One sentence describing your app or the app you are integrating Tailor-made predictive models (recommendation engines, propensity models and many more) in R
4 Full description Markdown or a link to a markdown document describing what the component does (shown on the application intro page)  
5 Application icon URL PNG, 32x32px and 64x64px with transparent background
6 Vendor full name Will be visible to end-users Company LTD
7 Vendor address Will be visible to end-users 1 Connected Way, BigTown, CS
8 Email address Will be visible to end-users and we will send error notifications to this address
9 License agreement URL Can be included in your public source repository
10 Docker image URL More info Currently supported are DockerHub (public and private), Quay (public, private) and Keboola-hosted AWS ECR
11 Docker image tag More info Tag of the image in the Docker repository; typically latest or master or 1.0.0 latest
12 Required memory Maximum memory your image will use 512M
13 Processing timeout Maximum processing time in seconds 3600
14 DEPRECATED Configuration format Configuration will be provided only in json format Format to store configuration file, state file and all manifests; yaml or json   json
15 REMOVED Streaming logs      
16 Encryption All parameter attributes with keys prefixed by # will be encrypted. If you pass sensitive data in configuration (credentials, tokens), it is encouraged to turn the encryption on; true or false. More info true
17 Default bucket All tables should be uploaded to a pregenerated bucket;true or false. More info false
18 Default bucket stage in or out. More info in
19 Token forwarding Application needs Storage API token and its details; true or false false
20 Component documentation Instructions to help end-user configure the application (linked from application configuration page) and payment information (if any)
21 UI options Which UI helpers to use; any combination of tableInput, tableOutput, fileInput, fileOutput, excludeFromNewList. More info tableInput, tableOutput
22 Test configuration JSON configuration to test the application  
23 Configuration schema JSON schema describing the configuration. More info  
24 Configuration description Markdown explaining the configuration. Use headlines level 3 or higher (h3, h4, …)  
25 Networking If the app downloads or uploads the client data to the Internet, any of dataIn (eg. for extractors), dataOut (eg. for writers) dataIn
26 Actions List of supported actions, default run run
27 Fees Using the component in KBC implies additional fees; true or false false
28 Service limits / Reasonable usage Description of service or usage limits. Define what is maximum expected usage of your component. This may vary depending on the memory/time limits, API usage limits and other factors. 10k tweets, 10k followers
29 Logger Specify a way to log events from your application; standard or gelf standard
30 Staging Storage Specify storage type used for exchanging data; local, s3 or none local